New to Witchcraft and Paganism? Not sure where to start? This could be a fantastic way to get your feet wet through individual guidance in a safe and laid back environment. Are you already a magical practitioner but just need a little help getting out of a rut? Contact me today!!!

As a Priestess, it is my calling to help guide others on their spiritual journey. It is my firm belief that there is no "one way" only the way that is best for the student or magical practitioner. I have studied and participated in many different forms of magical paths from initiatory Witchcraft to Reiki and the Avalonian mysteries. In addition, I have hosted and facilitated numerous public and private rituals for the community. Have you found yourself asking “What is the right spiritual path for me”? Or “I feel stuck, what do I do, where do I go from here”? I truly enjoy helping others find what is right for them. I specialize in helping others find their way through the rough waters of life and into calmer spiritual waters. If you are stuck in your magical or spiritual path or if you just need guidance let me know!

Over the past decade I have spent countless hours teaching and training others how to become better at their chosen path. From dance classes to spiritual and magical guidance, my path is all about helping others find their way and become who they want to be and especially helping them find spiritual fulfillment. Perhaps you would like to deepen your tarot practice, need help troubleshooting a spell, find yourself at a crossroads and not sure which direction you should choose or even want to deepen your ritual practice, I can help you with that!

I used to only offer mentorship to students who were actively participating in my magical courses, however I found that I needed to expand my offerings to those that were not actively participating in a class and were walking their own path but needed a little guidance from someone with more experiences along the way. I have recently opened up a few spots to those that would like my guidance. These can take the form of individual mentorship classes via google hangouts or in person private lessons. Sessions will be tailored to the individual’s needs. Most any topic can be covered, however I specialize in the following. 

Spiritual Guidance and Path Finding

  • We will discuss your struggles on your magical and spiritual path and set a plan for success.

Trouble Shooting Spell work

  • Charm and Spell creation
  • Trouble shooting an active spell
  • Spell work just not working for you? Lets have a chat and find out why

Tarot Spread Interpretation (Are you an active tarot reader but just need a little help interpreting a spread? This is the package for you)

  • up to 10 cards- $36

Healing sessions are very individualized and times, prices, and services vary. Most can fit into one of the packages below. These sessions are in person only. Please contact me to set up an appointment or to learn more.

  • Basic Healing -45 min session- $75
  • Healing plus - 1 hour - $100
  • Healing Plus, and Chakra Balance- $150


Annwyn has been the most instrumental spiritual guide I have had. In my 4 years of dedicated intense study with her, she has always been able either teach me directly or guide me to reliable sources on any magical subject I threw at her. Her unwavering belief in the potential of my abilities drove me to try harder and to do better with each of my lessons. If it weren't for her patient yet firm guidance, I may have never discovered my calling as a Priestess and Oracle. I anticipate studying under Annwyn for many years to come!"  Tiffany M.

"Annwyn Avalon has been my mentor for many years now.  Her classes and spiritual guidance are from the heart and very transforming. Truly, she is an inspiring teacher and a trusted counselor." Kim C.

"I have known Annwyn as a mentor of exceptional caliber and merit for over 6 years. In that time, not only has she helped me realize and attain my potential she taught me to see the hidden gifts and potential in others." Diane B.

"Annwyn is everything I could have hoped for in a spiritual mentor: she is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, kind, inspiring, has a wonderful sense of humor, and doesn't take herself to serious and is down to earth - which is soooo important to me because the last person I want to work with is someone with an enormous ego who is completely full of themselves, and that is definitely not her.  She leads in the best possible way - by example. She talks the talk and walks the walk. Her magical lessons and teachings foster not only extensive magical knowledge, but deep personal and spiritual growth as well. She challenges her students to continually dig deeper into themselves, to acknowledge and heal all those parts of us that have been shamed or neglected and to make ourselves whole again, all the while as she is doing the same in her life. I highly recommend her services. You won't be disappointed, she's absolutely wonderful! " Marcella G.