Whispers from the Water

Whispers from the Water is my exclusive divination service. Using divination methods associated with water, ocean, rivers and lakes I divine and deliver messages directly from the water and water spirits to you. Pulling on Sacred Well, Oracular and Delphi traditions, I bridge the gap between the other world and this one to deliver accurate watery messages just for you!

 Monthly Special!!!

Whispers from the Water Spirits - This months spread focuses on the messages the Water Spirits want you to hear. This is a 3 card spread detailing 1) The area you need to focus on 2) which current to follow and 3) Hidden factors. Additional cards may be pulled depending on the nature of the reading. Questions are always welcome and help me focus the spread for your individual needs. These are not live readings. You will receive the custom reading via a link in your email 3-7 days after you have ordered the session. If you need an immediate reading be sure to choose the options below that allow you to schedule time with me. Please be sure to ask your question in the comments section! Price is flat fee of $33.00 Links will be available via private YouTube link for 2 weeks.



Over the past decade I have spent countless hours teaching and training others how to become better at their chosen path. From dance classes to spiritual and magical guidance, my path is all about helping others find their way and become who they want to be and especially helping them find spiritual fulfillment. Perhaps you would like to deepen your tarot practice, need help troubleshooting a spell, find yourself at a crossroads and not sure which direction you should choose or even want to deepen your ritual practice, I can help you with that!

I received my first set of Tarot cards when I was 18 years old and since then I have been fascinated and have spent much time reading and learning the art of divination.  While living in Arizona I worked with a corporate party planner and I have had the pleasure of reading for prestigious private events. I have read Tarot for large corporate events such as the Inc. 500 party as well as other private events like Arabian night themed weddings, and bridal parties. I specialize in Tarot, Oracle, Sea Bone Divination, Scrying and other Oracular work. Depending on your needs, I will select a method to help bring clarity to your life, answer questions and bring a deeper understanding of who you are and what your path may bring


Do you need a custom spread? Or would like a more extensive reading? Book me today! These readings are done via Video Chat(Google Hangouts or Facebook Video Chat) They are in person readings, and often include multiple card pulls and spreads, choices are made based on the needs of the client.

Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading

This is the most popular option for personalized readings.


Trouble Shooting Spell Work or Spiritual Crisis Tarot Reading

Need help with Charm and Spell creation, Trouble shooting an active spell or in Spiritual Crisis? This is the reading for you!

Spell work just not working for you? Lets have a chat and find out why! Tarot or Oracle cards are used to contact the spirits for additional help. These usually take 60 minutes and are live video chats on Google Hangouts.


Tarot Spread Interpretation 

(Are you a new or active tarot reader but just need a little help interpreting a spread? This is the package for you! You will receive a link to a private video recording, with alternative card interpretations. 

up to 10 cards

Whipsers from the Water Oracle and Tarot Divination by Annwyn Avalon the Water Witch



"Annwyn Avalon has been my mentor for many years now. She is very intuitive and any tarot reading she has done for me has been spot on accurate.  She delivers any reading with honesty, kindness and hope.  Her classes and spiritual guidance are from the heart and very transforming. Truly, she is an inspiring teacher and a trusted counselor."  ~Kim C." ~ Kim C.

"Thank you Annwyn, everything you said in your reading is true and it is happening all ready. I am really starting to find myself and heal my low esteem and yes I really need to let my inner child out. I will follow your advice, you really told me the truth nobody who reads for me tells me the truth but you, and I really appreciate you doing this for me. One more time Thank You Girl!"  ~Lorena- AZ

Annwyn has been the most instrumental spiritual guide I have had. In my 4 years of dedicated intense study with her, she has always been able either teach me directly or guide me to reliable sources on any magical subject I threw at her. Her unwavering belief in the potential of my abilities drove me to try harder and to do better with each of my lessons. If it weren't for her patient yet firm guidance, I may have never discovered my calling as a Priestess and Oracle. I anticipate studying under Annwyn for many years to come!" ~Tiffany M.

"I have known Annwyn as a mentor of exceptional caliber and merit for over 6 years. In that time, not only has she helped me realize and attain my potential she taught me to see the hidden gifts and potential in others." ~ Diane B.

"Annwyn is everything I could have hoped for in a spiritual mentor: she is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, kind, inspiring, has a wonderful sense of humor, and doesn't take herself to serious and is down to earth - which is soooo important to me because the last person I want to work with is someone with an enormous ego who is completely full of themselves, and that is definitely not her.  She leads in the best possible way - by example. She talks the talk and walks the walk. Her magical lessons and teachings foster not only extensive magical knowledge, but deep personal and spiritual growth as well. She challenges her students to continually dig deeper into themselves, to acknowledge and heal all those parts of us that have been shamed or neglected and to make ourselves whole again, all the while as she is doing the same in her life. I highly recommend her services. You won't be disappointed, she's absolutely wonderful! " Marcella G.