Are you ready to learn about Sacred Springs, Water Faery and the Magic of Fresh Water?


Are you ready for 6 weeks of Watery Goodness?

Join me for this 6 week class...

Secrets of the Sacred Well

Have you been wanting to deepen your connection to water? Are you drawn to Otherworldly Faery and Water Creatures? Do you want to know more about Sacred Wells and Holy Water Sites? Do you want to learn how to scry and received messages from the other world? THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!

Join me for 6 weeks of Water Magic and Connection with Water Spirits! In this class you will learn about Water Faery, Fresh Water Mermaids, Sacred and Holy Wells, Scrying, Rituals and Spells associated with these places and more!




What will you learn? Read below to find out!!!

Week 1

  • Introduction to Sacred Wells and Holy Water Sites

  • Water Blessings

Week 2

  • Morgan Le Fae

  • Moon Waters and Tides

Week 3

  • Melusine the Fountian Faery

  • Sacred Bathing

  • Starting your Book of Tides/Shadows

Week 4

  • Dark Moon Rites

  • Scrying

Week 5

  • Sulis

  • Spells and Charms associated with Sacred Wells

  • Finding Balance in a world on Fire

Week 6

  • The Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach

  • Healing Rites associated with Sacred Wells

  • Tending our own Sacred Well


All this for just


How will you receive all this information? Each week you will receive an email packed with Water Magic! It will include a Video Recording for you to listen to at your leisure, a beautiful Lesson Companion embedded into the email. (PDF format available upon request) Each of these emails will be filled with images, videos, instructions and exercises. You will also have access to a Private Facebook Group where you can chat about your experiences! You will have direct access to me via email and through the group to ask questions and interact with other students who have taken the course!